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Help on converting Grammar EBNF file to Infragistics EBF file

I am trying to convert the Grammar EBNF file to infragistics EBNF but unfortunately it fails with various problems. I've attached the source file with an example and the EBNF file which I've tried to converted using Infragistics syntax engine parser.

Is the available any help to create from scratch the EBNF file? I found an example with EBNF parser on

Also some documentation: for other parts

but not how to create EBNF file.

Please help to convert attached files:


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    Hello Tomas,

    I have been investigating the EBNF file that you have provided, and currently, there unfortunately does not exist any documentation or a "pre-defined" way of creating an EBNF file from scratch.

    The best thing that I can really recommend in this case is to view the EBNF files that we send out with our source code for an example. To access the source code, though, you will need to obtain a licensed version of the Infragistics for WPF toolset, and then you will be able to download the source code from your My Keys and Downloads page. Once you have obtained this, you can find the language files from the SyntaxEditor directory.

    As an alternative, we also have a custom EBNF file from the Infragistics for WPF samples browser, and so as a Trial, you can see an example EBNF file from the source code of the samples browser at the following directory:


    Regarding the actual issues in your ".infragistics" EBNF file, I am not entirely sure what exactly is wrong. Comparing the tags on lines that are mentioned in the error messages with the EBNF files that we have internally, though, it does not appear that most of the items outside of the </Grammar> tag exist in our EBNF files. It is possible that this is not correct markup, but I am rather unsure at the moment, as I personally have very limited experience with EBNF file creation.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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