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xamSyntaxEditor not finding commented text matches


After providing the custom language with multi line comments I am having a problem searching for matches within comments. Is this feature or it is a bug? Strangely searching on same line keeps finding the matches but not on different lines.

My Syntax editor language comments code (based on this code with sample):

 <TerminalSymbol Name="COMMENT_START" Value="/*" LanguageElementName="Comment"> 
  <LexerState Name="Comment"> 
   <TerminalSymbol Name="COMMENT_TEXT" Value="([^\*]|\*[^|/])+" Comparison="RegularExpression" LanguageElementName="Comment" LookaheadPattern="\*/"/>
	<TerminalSymbolReference Name="NewLineToken"/> 
	<TerminalSymbolReference Name="WhitespaceToken"/> 
   <TerminalSymbol Name="COMMENT_END" Value="*/" LanguageElementName="Comment" IsExitSymbol="true"/> 
 <TerminalSymbol Name="SINGLE_LINE_COMMENT" Value="//.*" Comparison="RegularExpression"  LanguageElementName="Comment"/>

Sample of code:

Find me

Looking in the Syntax Editor for 'find' finds no matches. The search code:

				var data = value.ToString();
				var tsc = new TextSearchCriteria(data);
				var searchResults = ActiveDocumentView.Document.CurrentSnapshot.FindAll(tsc);

				if (searchResults == null)

				// Clear the current results.
				if (mSearchResults.Count > 0)

				if (searchResults.Results.Count == 0)
					DialogManager.ShowMessageBox("There are no items matching your search criteria.", "Search results");