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xamSyntaxEditor - where are all errors for loaded text


As I am using my custom language I get some underlines shown in the editor suggesting that errors found in code. How to see them or display all errors related to the script validation based on grammar?

I found only one property related to this topic: ErrorDisplayMode

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    Hello Tomas,

    I am attaching a code-snippet that demonstrates how to get all of the errors in a XamSyntaxEditor at a particular time below. This code-snippet is from our WPF Samples Browser that you can install with the product, and it creates a full-document snapshot of the editor and uses the document’s SyntaxTree.RootNode.GetDiagnostics method to create a list of a “SyntaxErrorInfo” class internal to the samples browser to hold information about the errors. I hope this helps.

    TextDocument doc = this.xamSyntaxEditor1.Document;
    // create a text span of the whole document
    TextSpan ts = new TextSpan(0, doc.CurrentSnapshot.Length);
    // obtain errors from the whole document
    IEnumerable<NodeDiagnostic> diagnostics = doc.SyntaxTree.RootNode.GetDiagnostics(ts);
    List<SyntaxErrorInfo> list = new List<SyntaxErrorInfo>();
    SyntaxErrorInfo seInfo;
    foreach (NodeDiagnostic diagnostic in diagnostics)
    	// Obtain the location of the error
    	SnapshotSpan span = diagnostic.SnapshotSpan;
    	TextLocation location = span.Snapshot.LocationFromOffset(span.Offset);
    	// Create an info object and set message, location and snapshot span
    	seInfo = new SyntaxErrorInfo()
    		Message = diagnostic.Message,
    		Line = location.Line + 1,
    		Character = location.Character + 1,
    		Span = diagnostic.SnapshotSpan
    	// Add the error in the list

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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