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using CategoryDateTimeXAxis extend the data to chart max time

we are CategoryDateTimeXAxis in our chart and want to see is there any option to extend the last data point value to end of the chart? Please refer the attached screen shot.

We need to show the chart as in below

We are using timer to set the Min and Max value of XAxis

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    Hello Member,

    I have been investigating into this behavior you are looking to achieve, and currently the only way to achieve this is if the value of the last point in your series is equal to that last point on the CategoryDateTimeXAxis. You had mentioned that you are using a timer to set the Min and Max values of the XAxis – you will need to synchronize this with your data points in order to extend the last point to the end such that the Max value is the X-Axis value of the last point in your data.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.