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Weighted Average in xampivotgrid using flatdatasource


I've got a XamPivotGrid with a FlatDataSource working and I haven't been able to get the custom/ calculated measures working.

I need to achieve a weighted sum where the values and the weights are two measures present on the pivot table.

I was following the response from

but the example link provided died and the pasted code has issues.


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    Hello Claudio, 

    The FlatDataSource does not currently support calculated measures. Calculated measures are only supported on XMLA data sources.  

    If you need a calculated measure then I recommend adding another field to your underlying data source that represents the calculated measure.  For example:

    public class Sale
     public double AmountOfSale { get; set; }
     public double DoubledAmountOfSale { get { return AmountOfSale * 2.0; } }

    We have a online topic that walks through on creating calculated measures. You may also refer to the following sample for more details. See below.

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