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Weighted Average in xampivotgrid using flatdatasource


I've got a XamPivotGrid with a FlatDataSource working and I haven't been able to get the custom/ calculated measures working.

I need to achieve a weighted sum where the values and the weights are two measures present on the pivot table.

I was following the response from

but the example link provided died and the pasted code has issues.


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    (I wrote a reply and somehow it didn't got posted, so here I go again)

    Turns out, it can be done.

    I managed to get a weighted average by setting a custom aggregator.

    First some sources:

    How to setup custom aggregators:

    Using a custom aggregator example with weighted average help class (has some issues but the fix is in a reply)

    what is missing from there is how the custom aggregator is actually set into the FlatDataSource. The example calls for flatDataSource.CubesSettings[0] but that was null at the moment.

    So what was missing is this:

    CubeMetadata cube = new CubeMetadata();
    //weirdType is a dynamicaly created type. Use typeof(*your data source type*).FullName
    cube.DataTypeFullName = weirdType.FullName;
    cube.DisplayName = "weird type";
    DimensionMetadata testMetadata = new DimensionMetadata
       SourcePropertyName = "valueProp",
       DisplayName = "test",
       DimensionType = DimensionType.Measure,
       Aggregator = new IgWeightedAverageAggregator("valueProp", "weightProp")
    FlatDataSource dataSource = new FlatDataSource();
    //then set that data soruce to the pivot control

    After that the "test" measure appeared and it has the expected values.