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XamDataGrid add new column and fill from array on fly

I am trying to add new column to xamdatagrid on fly. I am getting the column anseright but I can't fill it. 

Can someone show me what I am doing wrong.

Here is xml

  <igDP:XamDataGrid  DataSource="{Binding Path=Container.Columns}" GroupByAreaLocation="None" 

                <igDP:FieldLayoutSettings AutoGenerateFields="False"



C# code

 public partial class SpreadsheetView : Window
        public SpreadsheetView()

        public SpreadsheetViewModel ViewModel
            get { return this.DataContext as SpreadsheetViewModel; }

        void xamDataGrid_FieldLayoutInitialized(object sender, Infragistics.Windows.DataPresenter.Events.FieldLayoutInitializedEventArgs e)
            List<ISimulatedValue> container = this.ViewModel.Container.Columns;


            for (int i = 0; i < container.Count; i++)
                var field = new UnboundField
                    Name = container[i].Name,
                    BindingMode = BindingMode.TwoWay,
                    BindingPath = new PropertyPath(String.Format("{0}[{1}]", nameof(ISimulatedValue.AllValues), i)),
                    AllowEdit = false,
                    Format = "P2"


                field.Settings.EditAsType = typeof(String);





I got the colum names right, but I can't fill them.

ISimulatedValues.AllValues returns double array