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XamDataGrid row setup

Let's say I have the below xml, which is used to create my list of objects:


  <Author Name="A">

    <Category Name="Nonfiction">

      <Book Name="1" Length="11" Date="21"/>

      <Book Name="2" Length="12" Date="22"/>


    <Category Name="Fiction">

      <Book Name="3" Length="13" Date="23"/>

      <Book Name="4" Length="14" Date="24"/>



  <Author Name="B">

    <Category Name="Article">

      <Book Name="5" Length="15" Date="25"/>




I want a grid that looks like the below. The grid is bound to a list of Authors and each author row ("A" or "B") should be expandable/collapsable to show or hide the list of books, each category its own subsection, with each of the book properties editable.  

Is there any example showing this setup?

Author Category Name Length Date
A Nonfiction 1 11 21
  2 12 22
  Fiction 3 13 23
  4 14 24
B Article 5 15 25
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    Thank you for posting. In order to have the same look,like you are expecting, the best option would be ‘Cell Merging’.

    You have to set the FieldSetting’s property 'MergedCellMode' , that specifies if and how cell merging is performed.

    this.xamDataPresenter1.FieldSettings.MergedCellMode = MergedCellMode.Always;

    For more information refer to this online help document:

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

    Divya Jain
    Associate Software Developer

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