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XamDataGrid Report ignores PageMediaSize


I have a XamDataGrid I want to export to a Pdf file. Cause this is not possible I try to export it to xps. 

But the thing is, I want one single 'endless' page with the grid.
I tried this by setting the PageMediaSize of a Report, but whatever I set it is ignored. Just small values really make the pages smaller. Verything bigger then A4 is ignored.

            Report reportObj = new Report();

            EmbeddedVisualReportSection section = new EmbeddedVisualReportSection(XamDataGridMappen);

            reportObj.ReportSettings.PageMediaSize = new System.Printing.PageMediaSize(2000, 9000);

            datei = @"C:\Users\" + Environment.UserName + @"\Documents\DispoExport2.xps";

            reportObj.Export(OutputFormat.XPS, datei);

Greetings Benedikt