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WPF Progress Bar

Hello Support,

We are using Infragistics WPF 14.2 version in our application. We want to show the progress bar while the processing is done. Can you please let us know if the version that we are using does has any built in control for showing progress.

Further, we found that Infragisitics has XamBusyIndicator control, can you please let us know from which version this control is available.

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    Hello Vishal,

    The best thing I can recommend for a “progress” control in the Infragistics toolset would be the XamBusyIndicator, as you have found. Unfortunately, though, this control was not available in version 14.2, as it first became available in version 15.2.

    Version 14.2 really doesn’t have a control that is specifically a “progress” control, although perhaps you could do something with the XamLinearGauge to have it act as a progress bar. If you are looking to use the control that we implemented as a “progress” control, the XamBusyIndicator, I would have to recommend upgrading to a version that is 15.2 or later.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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