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Is it possible to configure XamTileManager with minimal styling and click-anywhere dragging?

I have an application with requirements that I think are satisfied by XamTileManager, but its defaults are more complex than we need and I need some help changing them to what we'd like to see.

In a nutshell, the main requirements are:

  • The tiles can be moved to different locations within the control by drag/drop
  • The styling of a tile should not include a header or border
  • The drag operation can be started by clicking anywhere on the tile, not just the header

The first requirement is easy enough. I'm using AllowTileDragging="Swap" in XamTileManager.NormalModeSettings and it's working fine.

I understand the second requirement can be done using a custom ControlTemplate for XamTile. My attempt is mostly working and I think I can get it to the point I need, but if there's a simple example showing the "right way", I'd love to see it.

The third requirement is where I'm having trouble. I've found a couple of examples that are close to what I want, but they haven't worked for me. How can I configure XamTileManager/XamTile to allow moving tiles by clicking anywhere on the tile?