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EBNF Languages defenitions for Parsing Engine

Hello everyone!

I using in my product control with syntax hightlighting. And i need add custom languages support in my project.

I found this page and understand that i need to use EBNF. I Found EBFN language defenition for PHP

There are first lines of this document:

PHP_SOURCE_TEXT = { inner_statement | halt_compiler_statement };

halt_compiler_statement = "__halt_compiler" "(" ")" ";" ;

inner_statement = statement
	| function_declaration_statement
	| class_declaration_statement ;

inner_statement_list = { inner_statement } ;

But with this syntax i have many errors. First on line #3 and then some about ten various errors.

Then i found this page

All what i understand that i need to use another language defenition, but unfotunatly i don't understand, how i have to write correct EBNF language defenition.

Please let me know, where i cen see some example or documentation about it? 

I need create defenitions for many langugages and now this is big problem for me

Thank you!