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Override CTRL+S (Toggle Category/Property sort) in XamPropertyGrid

I have a XamPropertyGrid in an application.
When the XamPropertyGrid has focus, it handles the CTRL+S keyboard shortcut to toggle between the Category sort and the Property Sort.

Looking at this reference:
It does seems that this is possible to configure this key binding by configuring the Visual Appearance on the XamPropertyGrid.

However, I read and re-read the topic:
many times and I still can't figure how to override this CTRL-S key binding. I see that I can hide the whole "Filter Area" Visual Element, but this is not what I want to do. What I want to do is to support a normal CTRL+S behavior in my application which is to save the document.

Looking at this page:
it seems that we should be able to reach the "Filter Area" Visual Element somehow, but I can't seem to find how.

We are using version 17.2 of InfragisticsWPF.

Thanks for the help.