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on resizing window the user control should automatically resize

Hi Team,

i have problem while resizing the window. 

I have a window inside that i have a grid inside that im using a user control.  when im resizing the window the user control content tables and  buttons on xamdatagrid are not resizing automatically. 

I tried with the below code and it is not working.

1) This is in the window


<Views:InstrumentPickerView x:Name="InstrumentPicker"/>

2) This is in the user control


<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
<igDP:XamDataGrid Theme="Aero" x:Name="XamDataPresenter1" Height="160" DataSource="{Binding user, Mode=OneWay}"
Grid.Row="0" Margin="5" Grid.Column="1" GroupByAreaLocation="None" ActiveDataItem="{Binding Selecteuser}">



is there anything im missing here.