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Setting focus on next element in XamDataGrid


On tabbing into the second cell of the XamDataGrid i want that the element which is in the cell should get focus and not the outer cell. I am using ValueEditor in the style. I also tried CellValuePresenter but still the focus remains on the outer cell and not on the element.

I have developed a sample application. Attached is the same. Please have a look and suggest what can be done.



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    Hello Abdi,

    I have been investigating into the sample project you have provided, and I am under the impression that in the sample project, you are trying to have the Button be focused. If my impression on this is correct, I have a couple of recommendations for you on this matter.

    My best recommendation on this is to utilize a TemplateField and a DisplayTemplate for that TemplateField rather than re-templating the ValueEditor element for your Field to place a Button inside. A TemplateField was built so that you can effectively put any element you want inside without needing to re-template elements of the grid. I have tried this using the sample project and the Button focuses automatically using this method. You can read about this method at this documentation article.

    I am attaching a sample project to demonstrate this, along with a workaround using the ValueEditor re-templating using the CellActivated event of the grid, if for some reason you are looking to continue with that instead of using the TemplateField. I would highly recommend using a TemplateField for this, though.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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