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Animation in ApplicationMenu2010 IsOpen Property

Hi Infragistics Team,

i am using the XamRibbon and the ApplicationMenu2010 in my WPF Application.

When i open the ApplicationMenu i have a very slow behavior till the menu is open (nearly 0,5 -1 second).

I tried to figure out why this happens.

And i think the reason is the open animation.

I take a Look in your code and i see that the DependencyProperty ApplicationMenu2010.IsOpenProperty has an Property Changed callback ApplicationMenu2010.OnIsOpenChanged and in this Method is hardcoded an animation!

Is it possible to disable / customize this animation?

Because the animation is playing with the opacity what makes it realy slow in my case. Because in my Application Menu i have a lot of XamDataGrids.

Best Regards


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    Hello Tobias,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    The behavior you are seeing is more likely cause by the many grids you have on your page. If you temporally remove them do you still see this performance issue?