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Need sample for XamComboEditor how to update header based on changes to to entry.

We have a multi-select dropdown with checkboxes. Whenever a user selects a checkbox, a popup screen with two separate textboxes allows him to enter a numeric value.  Once the user clicks ok on the popup screen, we process/modify the numeric value and append it to the selected entry in the drop-down.  Here is the issue:  We also need the entire text of the dropdown entry (with the appended numeric value) to be appended to the dropdown's "header" textbox.  So, in other words, if the user selects 3 different dropdown entries and enters 3 different numeric values in the corresponding 3 popup screens, we want the "header" of the combobox to contain:

"Selected Entry 1 Text plus entered numeric value for entry 1 , Selected Entry 2 Text plus entered numeric value for entry 2 , ... etc."

Please provide a sample for how to make this happen programmatically.