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xamDataTree: Hide Sub Nodes Keys


I want to use the xamDataTree to show different ItemTemplates based on the type of node.

Unfortunatelly, when I use different NodeLayouts, for every object type, the Key name of that NodeLayout is displayed as leave. Is it possible to hide emtpy node collections and the leave itself?

<ig:XamDataTree NodeLineVisibility="Visible" ItemsSource="{Binding Devices}">
                                        <ig:NodeLayout Key="main" TargetTypeName="DeviceSettingTreeItem">
                                                    <Label Content="{Binding Data.DisplayName}"/>

                                        <ig:NodeLayout Key="subSiemensS7" TargetTypeName="DeviceSiemensS7SettingItem" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource SiemensS7SettingTemplate}"/>
                                        <ig:NodeLayout Key="subAllenBradley" TargetTypeName="DeviceAllenBradleySettingItem" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource AllenBradleySettingTemplate}"/>