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Xamcomboeditor clearing previously selected values on entering new values and require comma for selecting value that is present,in case of multiselection


We are using XamComboEditor  in ItemsControl for business use, with multiple selection and allowing to add new values in it.
I am facing some weird behavior: 

1) on entering new value, previously selected values are getting cleared

Steps to reproduce:

a) select 2-3 values which are present in xamcomboeditor by typing  

b) type new value that you want to add and then on pressing comma(because you want to add another new value) previously selected values are getting cleared

2) to select value which is present in XamComboEditor need to press comma

Steps to reproduce:

a) type new value then press comma for selecting next value

b) type value which is present in XamComboeditor then click outside, you will find that lastly typed value is not getting selected, to select that lastly typed value we need to press comma, after entering comma that lastly typed value gets selected

I have attached a sample project that reproduces the errors, please let me know the answers asap.

I am using Infragistics version v19.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Nikhil, 

    Thank you for posting. I am able to reproduce the behavior you described. 

    For your 1st issue I logged a development issue #267481 to investigate it further .i will link this issue with your duplicate private case ‘CAS-205189-N3S4L6’ and will provide the progress through that. 

    About your 2nd issue , we need some kind of delimiter to have an understanding of when to check/add value from the list .

    By default it is comma which you can modify by using MultiSelectValueDelimiter property. Something like MultiSelectValueDelimiter=" " , this would add the value when you type and the give space.

    Let me know if you have any question or concerns. 


    Divya Jain