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Range Chart with Category Y Axis?

I'm looking to switch from a different charting tool, and I'm having a problem replacing one of the charts. I can't figure out how to make a chart with a numerical x axis and a category y axis similar to the image below. I need something similar to the Range Series, but with the Axes swapped.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Johnny,

    I have been investigating into this behavior, and while we do not have a Range Column Series that can use a CategoryYAxis rather than the CategoryXAxis, there still does exist a way to do this.

    The best thing I can recommend in this case is to utilize a StackedBarSeries for this. This series can have two StackedFragmentSeries inside, one of which will be hidden and will determine how far to the right you want the actual bar to be pushed. The second StackedFragmentSeries will represent the actual data. You can read further about the usage of a StackedBarSeries at our documentation article for it, here.

    I am attaching a sample project to demonstrate the above. I hope it helps you.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.