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Color XamDataGrid Cells dynamically from object property


I have a XamDataGrid that is bound to a collection of custom objects.  Each object contains a dictionary that acts as a holder for dynamic selected data.

public Dictionary<string,RowData> m_pricingData = new Dictionary<string, RowData>();

		public Dictionary<string,RowData> PricingData
			get => m_pricingData;
			set => SetProperty(ref m_pricingData, value);

		public class RowData : IOrm<RowData>
		public string Header { get; set; }

		public decimal Value { get; set; }

		public DateTime Date { get; set; }

		public int Peak { get; set; }

		public Color RowColor { get; set; }

		public RowData()

		public RowData(string header, DateTime date, decimal value, Color rowColor)
			Header = header;
			Date = date;
			Value = value;
			RowColor = rowColor;

 I have a user control with checkboxes that control which columns are added to the object's dictionary. When a checkbox is checked I generate a new field, set its binding to display a value taken from the dictionary.

			Field f = new Field()
				Name = name,
				BindingType = BindingType.UseAlternateBinding,
				AlternateBinding = new Binding($"PricingData[{name}].Value") //This binds the column to the appropriate dictionary value in the row's dynamic array of columns.
			//set field background color

The binding to display the data works correctly.

When I generate the Field, I want to set its background color dynamically based on a Color property in my RowData object that is part of the custom object's dictionary.

How can I set the color of the field based on the RowColor property of my RowData object?