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xamLinearGuage start with minor ticks

I am implementing a scrolling compass view with the xamLinearGuage.  If you set the range from like -90 to 90 and set the major tick interval to be 10, then you have labels like -90, -80, -70, etc.  Now if I slide the compass to the right 3 degrees, I shift the min and max ranges and now I have major tick mark labels at -87, -77, etc.  Is there a way to change the min and max ranges, but keep the major tick marks at the -80, -70, etc.  So you could be starting the range with minor ticks?  Hope that is clear.

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    Hello Robert,

    You can set the LabelPostInterval value to offset it so it is displayed on every 10th number. In this case if you set it to 7, the first displayed label will be -80, then its going to be -70 and so on.

    Regarding major ticks, there will always be a major tick as a start. and then the next ticks will be based on the interval set. This means you can set the TicksPostInitial value to "-3" and have -90 to 77 with Major ticks on based on the interval set, Alternatively you can set the value to "7", but then you will loose the first minor ticks from -87 to -80, as the gauge will start from -80.

    Should you have any further questions, please let me know.

    Tihomir Tonev
    Associate Software Developer

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