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XamDataGrid filter drop down Japanese / Chinese resource files

I found that there are language resource DLLs for the various controls under the es, fr, de folders in your Infragistics install location.  These allow the filter drop down items to be localized for Spanish, French and German.  

However, it appears in a lot of the documentation (and forum messages that I can find) that Japanese and Chinese are also supported, but I cannot locate the related resource DLLs for them.  Am I missing a piece of the installation .  I am using Ultimate UI for WPF 18.2 .

Anyone have any information on these or is it expected that I create my own localization resources for all other languages?


Bill Ives

See related post, where I tried to get the answer:

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    Hello Bill,

    I have been discussing this with our product teams, and it appears that the resource files for Japanese translations in the XamDataGrid are only shipped with the Japanese version of the product. I have been given the go-ahead to send these to you though, which I will do through a private support case.

    I am unsure where you found that there are Chinese resource files, but these do not appear to exist.

    I have created you a private support case where I will need a little bit more information from you. It has an ID of CAS-206200-F6Z2G6 and you can access it here:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.