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Loading an Excel file with Charts into Infragistics.XamSpreadsheet V19.2


I have an excel file (with charts in it) that i would like to load into an WPF application using XamSpreadSheet. 

After the spreadsheet was loaded, the charts seems to be missing. 

The excel file with the charts was created via Excel, and not via c# code. 

Here is screenshot of the original excel file:

And here the WPF App with XamSpreadSheet and the missing charts:

The code i used to load the spreadsheet is:

            var workbook = new Workbook(WorkbookFormat.Excel2007);
            workbook = Workbook.Load("D:\\Diagramm Test.xlsx");
            this.XamSpreadsheed.Workbook = workbook;

What did I do wrong? Or is this not possible at all? 

Thank you very in advance for your help.