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XanDataChart Stacked100BarSeries: Need to update color for bars at Run Time.


My application is reading multiple large files parallelly. and While it reads, I need to display the progress as a chart with information on How many OK Bytes are read, no of Bad Data(Bytes) and unread data bytes.

Initially, unreadDataBytes are 100%. So, I am able to see the DarkGray color. But as it files reading progress, I need to change the colors in the bars as well which is not happening.

Below is the XAML code:

<ig:Stacked100BarSeries XAxis="{Binding ElementName=BarXAxis}" YAxis="{Binding ElementName=BarYAxis}" ItemsSource="{Binding Readers}">

     <ig:StackedFragmentSeries ValueMemberPath="Statistics.NumberOfOkBytesRead" Title="OK Bytes" Brush="{StaticResource      AllGoodBrush}"/>
     <ig:StackedFragmentSeries ValueMemberPath="Statistics.NumberOfBadBytesRead" Title="Bad Bytes" Brush="{StaticResource FailBrush}"/>
     <ig:StackedFragmentSeries ValueMemberPath="Statistics.NumberOfUnreadBytes" Title="Unread Bytes" Brush="DarkGray"/>


This is the view that I see:

I tried to find some existing posts for this issue but apparently they are not answered.

Any comments on this issue. Thanks in advance.