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XamReportPreview Changing Styles For Print Preview


My team's project is in need a specific requirement for print preview. We have a dark mode for our application and need to create print preview for various views using the light mode. Please note, we are not using the ThemeManager control but rather using resource dictionaries and changing out the used dictionaries on App.xaml. 

We have tried swapping out the dictionaries on App.xaml and we have had limited success on the XamReportPreview. Some of the styles will change and when printing to PDF, the controls will still retain their dark mode appearance. 

Is there a way of changing the styles on the controls (Infragistic or otherwise) that we generate using the print preview function and if so is there a simple grey scale or black and white option that can applied to each control?

Thank you for your time with this requirement. 


-Zachary Burton 

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