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XamDataGrid filter strange behaviour

1. Open the excel style filter for a number type field.
2. In the search text box enter a value, select one value from the list (ex.10249)
3. Start to search for the next value (ex.10300), check the Add current selection to filter,
and press the OK button.
4. Result no filter has been applied.

As a user I would expect to have a filter applied for my two selected values: 10249 and 10300.
Can you change the functionality to work this way?

I noticed that if after step 2 I press the OK button, the filter will be applied.
Then if I continue with step 3 also the first and second filter will be applied, but this requires to open the filter twice.

Please see attached video.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your post!

    I have been investigating into the video you have attached, and the behavior you are seeing is expected, and if you did the same filtering within Excel, it would work the same. Our filtering was based upon the logic in Excel and created after it.

    The reason that the filter is not being applied with your original steps is mainly due to “committing” of the filter. In step 2, you search for a value and click it, but you never “commit” it by clicking the OK button. As such, when you search again, you can see that all of the values are checked again when you clear your search. This represents the “existing” filter, and so your first search was never committed. When you do your second search, the “add current selection to filter” checkbox is adding to the existing filter, which is everything being selected and filtered in. As such, nothing is filtered out.

    The behavior you are seeing where the multiple openings of the Excel-style filter menu for the "add current selection to filter" option to work is expected.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.