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I want to programmatically begin an edit mode on XamMaskedEditor

I use multiple editors to take input from a user, and then use those inputs to perform a search. I clear all inputs after the command is called, but in doing so the edit mode is ended for the box. I cannot figure out how to activate it again. Ideally, the user can perform multiple searches without needing to use their mouse or hit additional keys.

        <ige:XamMaskedEditor Mask="{}{char:15:0-9}" PromptChar="" Value="{Binding PIN}">
            <KeyBinding Key="Enter" Command="{Binding Commands.CmdSearch}"/>

I'm looking for any method that would allow me to do this without simulating button presses. Calling the method for starting edit mode does not work. However, if I hit tab, the next XamMaskedEditor will be focused and in edit mode.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Jacob,

    You can use the StartEditMode method of the editor during the search command after you have cleared all inputs to get back to writing.

    Should you have any other questions, please let me know.


    Tihomir Tonev
    Associate Software Developer