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XamGrid to XamDataGrid


recently I am trying to replace some simple XamGrid tables to to XamDataGrid and this seem to get complicated very easily.

for example:

with XamGrid I have 2 TemplateColumns bound to different properties of my viewmodel (It is working properly). What I like about it is that I can define the HeaderText. This seems not to be possible with XamDataGrid:

                                <igDP:XamDataGrid x:Name="xamDataGrid" DataSource="{Binding MyProperty}"  GroupByAreaLocation="None">
                                        <igDP:FieldLayoutSettings AutoGenerateFields="False"/>
                                                <igDP:Field Name="MyProperty" Label="Header Text" />

This is not working at all. I'm not even able to type anything.

However, if I set AutoGenerateFields="True", I am able to see the header "Value" (and I desperately want to chande the header). Most importantly, I am not able to type anything IF MyProperty is "empty", i.e. it has a default value of 0. I can only type something in when it is not empty. So for example if MyProperty was set to be 5, I can see the number and can change it. It also binds properly whenever I type in a different number. Why is that ?Thank you.

Kind regards,


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