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Resizing an expanded row

Dear support team,

I am struggeling with resizing an expanded row. The attached sample shows two rows having an ExpandableCellStyle. One of the rows select a data template with a property grid. When I run the sample and expand the row with the property grid everything shows up as expected, but I want the property grid width always be extended to the end of the XamDataGrid so when I resize the window the XamDataGrid and the XamPropertyGrid is resized as well. Any help appreciated.

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    Hello Tomas,

    The width of the property grid could be changed by adding a setter with property “Width” for the style that targets the ExpandedCellPresenter. Instead of concrete value DynamicResource could be used, the type for the resource should be igDP:FieldLength. After that the SizeChanged event of the Window needs to be handled and once the window has changed its width, the new width needs to be used to calculate the value of the DynamicResource.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Ivan Kitanov