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Drag-Drop between 2 XamDataTrees

I have a situation where I have 2 XamDataTrees that I need to be able to drag and drop items from one to the other.

  • Tree 2 needs to drag items into Tree 1.
  • Tree 1 needs to drag items around within itself.
  • Tree 2 is not a drop target for either tree.

Data structure consists of Schemas, Groups, Nodes, Leaves:

  • Schemas and groups exist in Tree 1
  • Nodes and leaves exist in Tree 2
  • Schemas can only contain groups (consider a schema a "root")
  • Groups can contain other groups, nodes, and leaves
  • Nodes contain other nodes and leaves
  • Leaves contain nothing (dead end)

What we want to achieve with dragging:

  • dragging groups into schemas or other groups (within Tree 1)
  • dragging groups, nodes or leaves into groups (within Tree 1)
  • dragging nodes or leaves into groups (from Tree 2 into Tree 1)
  • disable dragging nodes or leaves into schemas (from Tree 2 into Tree 1)
  • disable dragging schemas into other schemas (within Tree 1)

Since the tree is particular about the type when dragging and dropping, this is proving to be a challenging problem. Deriving from a base type gets things working, but I can't disallow things like dragging a node from Tree 2 into a schema in Tree 1. This seems to be a problem of the IsDropTarget being conditional on what the drag source type is and I can't figure out how to make that happen with this control. Any help would be appreciated.

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