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Exception when you hide, move, unhide columns

We have discovered a bug in version 8.2 of the XamDataGrid.  If you perform the following steps with a databound XamDataGrid:

1. Hide a column

2. Move a different column

3. Unhide the column from step 1

You will get a KeyNotFound exception.  I have attached a simple project that demonstrates the issue.  The steps to reproduce the problem are displayed in the sample application.

 We have traced the issue into the DataPresenter and can clearly see the issue, however it appears to originate from a PropertyChanged event, which has made it very challenging to catch the exception at any level where we can take mitigating steps.  We have been unsuccessful so far, and would appreciate any suggestions or advice on this, as it is a production-critical bug.

I will also post a question to the Ask A Developer support line, but wanted to see if anyone on the forum can provide a work-around or mitigating steps.

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    Offline posted

    Hello brschwalm,

    Thank you for your post. I have been looking through your sample project and since this is a retired version I suggest you download some of our supported versions, where it seems like that this bug was fixed. Please note, we are making efforts to ensure all posts are addressed by an Infragistics expert. We believe that the other community members could benefit from this thread as well.

    Feel free to write me if you need further assistance.