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Over riding DisplayPromptMessage for record deletion

 I need to show the user which datarecord he has selected for deletion. For that I think I have to over ride the DisplayPromptMessage to add in some information of the selected record so that the user clearly sees which record is about to be deleted.




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    Hi there

    You can just add a handler to the grid's RecordsDeleting method and prompt yourself. In that case, don't forget to set the e.Cancel property to true, or the prompt will appear anyway:


         /// <summary>
        /// A grid event handler, which can be bound to the corresponding event
        /// of an editor grid in order to handle deletion on all selected items.
        /// </summary>
        protected virtual void OnRecordsDeleting(object sender, RecordsDeletingEventArgs e)
          //delegate deletion

          List<ISynchronizableEntity> list = new List<ISynchronizableEntity>(e.Records.Count);
          foreach (DataRecord record in e.Records)
            list.Add((ISynchronizableEntity) record.DataItem);

          e.Cancel = true;