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xamDataGrid 9.1 broke my formatting

I have an application developed against NetAdvantage WPF 7.2 which was working as designed.  I upgraded to the 9.1 control and everything works (some things are fixed!!) but the 9.1 broke my column width formatting. 

I have a layout as follows





<igDP:FieldLayout.Fields><igDP:Field Name="IsSelected" Column="0" Settings="{StaticResource editableFieldSettings}" />






<igDP:FieldSettings x:Key="editableFieldSettings" AllowEdit="True" CellClickAction="EnterEditModeIfAllowed" CellWidth="25" AllowResize="False"/>


Is there a breaking change in the new control that affects how columns are sized?!?  I can change the value in the CellWidth but it doesn't change the display.  The result is a much wider first column.

Any thoughts on this?