Own Theme (XamDataGrid For WPF)


How do i Create my Own Custom Theme for XamDataGrid For wpf. 

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    I am assuming you want to create your own ThemePack assembly that will work like the external ThemePacks included with NA for WPF (i.e. ForestGreen). If you simply want to restyle the Grid, you can do so using the standard Styling infrastructure of WPF -- overriding the default control Styles with Styles you've customized.

    Either way, you'll likely want to start with the DefaultStyles included with the product. Check out this post for some background on the DefaultStyles: http://forums.infragistics.com/forums/p/1563/14702.aspx#14702 

    Once you're finished with that post, there is a section in the NetAdvantage for WPF Help entitled Creating a ThemePack that steps through the creation of a ThemePack assembly:


    Developer's Guide > Styling Your Application > Creating a ThemePack

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