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Adding the content panes programatically to XamDockManager

I am adding the ContentPanes in the XamDockManager at runtime.

Now for ex. i am adding the first pane and docking it to the top of the XamDockManager. There is empty space available at the bottom side of the XamDockManager as per the pane height.
Now i want to add the second pane and dock it to the right of the XamDockManager.
there are two options available here
1. Dock it to the right side of the empty space available
2. Dock it to the right of the XamDockManager

How can I differentiate between these two at runtime?

Any suggestions?


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    As with a WPF DockPanel, it is the order of the items that dictates where they are positioned. The docked SplitPane elements within the XamDockManager's Panes collection are positioned in order from outside to inside. So if you were to insert the SplitPane at index 0 it would be outside the SplitPane docked to the top and if you were to add it to the end it would be inside (i.e. closer to the center of the dockmanager) the SplitPane docked to the top.