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Animation on grid and other questions


So far i have been reading a lot about WPF in a short time and can't solve some problems. Hope you guys cand clear the air for me.

1) I'm looking to implement some animations for the xamdatagrid rows. What i need is to create something like what the carousel does, expand the size of a row when i drag the mouse over it (i need a scaling effect on my datarow). Is that possible? And if yes, can that be done to a cell or any sort of control/component ? How?

 2) Can a datagrid cell contain a panel or any sort of container that holds another custom usercontrol, like the carouselPanel? (i know it may seem stupid...but it may work, in classic infra with a little creation filter rewriting you could do just about anything :D )

3) If there is an accessible function just like CreationFilter, is there any way to get some sort of support for rewriting it, so that we may modify WPF controls?

4) I see here valuelists are not so popular, do you recomand not using them?

Thank you, I hope someone can answer nr 1 and 2 since they are a more pressing matter.