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How to avoid Autoscroll in xamdatagrid


1. I have  a hierarchical grid with 4 levels and it occupies the entire to me. My problem is sometime

when i am clicking 3 level rows the grid scroll automatically and bring the row on top of screen.

So i want to ignore the bringintoview event. is it possible? (I tried Grids Bringintoview event, not working).


2.  And i want to make a row unselectable. (Intention is the user should not make selection / focus on

that row). how?

Thanks and regards,



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    Hello Ramesh,

    To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe that this scrolling can be manually handler/canceled.

    Regarding 2), you can handle RecordActivating event and cancel it if needed or handle the SelectedItemsChanging/SelectedItemChanged and manually do the same with the SelectedItems.Records collection.

    Hope this helps.