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Focus problems unsing XamRibbon and XamDockManager after switching from Infragistics version 8.2 to 9.2


the structure of my solution is as follows:
<XamRibbonWindow><Ribbon><XamDockManager> ... several areas and one DocumentContentHost ...

Until today I was using Infragistics version 8.2. I used the DockManger to implement kind of a workspace management system. So I create the ContentPanes and so on myself. The code following show how I do this:



Adds the view to the docking contol without making it visible.
/// <param name="view">The view to add.</param>
/// <param name="areaName">Name of the area.</param>
/// <returns>[true] when successful.</returns>
public bool Add(IView view, string areaName)
... ContentPane newPane = new ContentPane();

// Find parent
SplitPane splitPane = null;
FrameworkElement representation;
if (this.areaRepresentations.TryGetValue(areaName, out representation))
DocumentContentHost contentHost = representation as DocumentContentHost;
if (contentHost != null)
// Use first found SplitPane or create new one
splitPane = contentHost.Panes.FirstOrDefault<SplitPane>();
if (splitPane == null)
splitPane = new SplitPane();
splitPane.Name = ('Z' + Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N"));
splitPane = representation as SplitPane;

// Add TabGroup ...
TabGroupPane parentPane = null;
if (splitPane.Panes.Count == 0)
parentPane = new TabGroupPane();
parentPane.Name = ('Z' + Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N"));
parentPane.Focusable = true;
parentPane = splitPane.GetFirstDescendantOfType<TabGroupPane>();

// Set Header
newPane.SetBinding(ContentPane.HeaderProperty, descriptionBinding);

newPane.Content = view;
newPane.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
return true;

When activating the view I set the visibility to visible. This worked until today, but now the activation of views works still, but I can't focus the view using the mouse. Tab navigation is still working normal.

Did something concerning the focus handling inside the dock manager has changed?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance,