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Preventing floating panes from always being on top

When I float ContentPanes in my application they are always displayed on top of the main window. I would like to change this behavior so that if the user clicks the main window it will come to the top, over the floating panes.

I found the Topmost property on PaneToolWindow, but it doesn't apply here. What do I need to do to implement the desired behavior?

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    TopMost is a property similar to that on the Window class. When true it means that the window will be above all other non-topmost windows. That is not the default behavior or the behavior you are seeing since by default TopMost is false. The floating panes of the XDM are owned windows and as such the owned window is always above the owner (the window that hosts the XDM). We currently do not support a mode where the panes are not owned windows. You may want to submit a suggestion for adding this capability.