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GalerryTool Items

Hello guys,


     I ve been trying to bind a custom GalleryItem collection to the Infragistics GalleryTool Items, but it just looks like there is no way I can get it work.

I have also tried the ItemsKeys in the GalleryItemGroup but also can' t get it work. 

    I am using a custom GalleryItem template as I want the item to display some extra information not just the Text and the Image.

I would like that my items to be previewed in the MenuTool. 

I am trying to do all this following the MVVM pattern so my ribbon will have its DataContext set to a model class which contains the GalleryItem collection I want to bind to. Ideal will be if I could actually have a collection of a custom type which will be the datacontext for every GalleryItem I create.

Is something like this even possible, what am i missing? Could DataTemplates  be of any use to create the GalleryItems when binding to a collection of a custom Type, something like: 

 <DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type models:GalleryItemModel}">



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    It sounds like you are talking about the WPF Ribbon control based on your use of x:Type and ItemsKeys in your sample code.  I went ahead and took a look at that ribbon and from what I can see it's not possible to bind to the Items collection that way.

    I think I'm going to ask someone to move this post one more time so you can get a final answer from someone more knowledgeable on that control than myself.

    Really sorry about the delayed response, your post was languishing in the wrong forum for a while.