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xamribbon tab


I have some doubts related to the tab creation in Infragistics xamribbon creation. Can I move and dock the tab buttons using mouse? Also is it possible to add descriptions to the button tool tips with images?

Expecting your reply,

Anoop R

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    No, the RibbonTabItem mimics the behavior of Microsoft Office 2007's Ribbon which does not support moving. I'm not sure what you mean by docking the tabs but no it doesn't support tearing off the tabs item. With regards to having images in the tooltips you can certainly do that. There is information in the help about using the xamRibbonScreenTip to provide Office 2007 style super tips. That class has properties like ContentImage that you can use to provide an image.

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    Thanks for the reply, I followed the link and the tool tip was implemented.


    Anoop R