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Understand xmaDockmanager

Hello, I can create my forms or windows and agencies within the xamDocManager, I know that design is a different paradigm, I understand. I design many Window1.xaml, Windows2.xaml WindowsN.xaml .... as I can work with Infragistics xamDocManager, xamDocumentContenHost or others?, Please give me some idea of how to develop properly. Thanks


Hola, como puedo crear mis formularios o windows e instanciarlos dentro del xamDocManager, se que es otro paradigma de diseño, quiero entender esto.

Yo diseño varios Window1.xaml, Windows2.xaml....WindowsN.xaml, como puedo trabajar con Infragistics xamDocManager, xamDocumentContenHost o demás ?, por favor me dan alguna idea de como desarrollar correctamente.



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    WPF Window objects cannot be parented by any other element so you cannot create a Window and put that within a XamDockManager. If you wanted to compose the areas that will be content then you might create UserControls and put those into the ContentPane or other containers.