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Ribbon ComboBox Editor how to bind to a class

I'm trying to figure out how to bind the Ribbons Conbobox editor to an object. I have the ItemsSource working ok, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the selecteditem to bind to the class. 




<igRibbon:ComboEditorTool Caption="Table" Name="Table" ItemsSource="{Binding Table.Tables}" DisplayMemberPath="Description" ValuePath="ResourceId"></igRibbon:ComboEditorTool>

The RibbonGroup's DataContext is being set in code to a class and in the class is Class.Table and in Class.Table is the ResourceID. I've tried various combinations in the ValuePath like Table.ResourceID and others. Should I be using something else other than ValuePath? I even tried hard coding to set the SelectedItem to the Table class but was getting messages about the combo needed to be in edit mode.




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