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Annotations on charts


I am evaluating the Infragistics products for new Financial application. I am looking at both "NetAdvantage for WPF line of business" and "NetAdvantage for WPF data visualisation". 

Currently nearly all of my required functionality appears to be present. There is one big feature outstanding: How can you allow users to annotate the charts?

For example, a user may indicate an area of a bar chart that refers to the 1930's. They would be able to indicate this with a shape (circle or square) or line. They would then be able to write a text description that would be shown on the chart. 

Ideally we would be able to create these annotations programmatically too and, optionally, for the user to be able to interact with these programmatically created annotations. 

Is this possible in either  "NetAdvantage for WPF line of business" or "NetAdvantage for WPF data visualisation"? If not, can you suggest an approach to create them outside your model? My concern about creating them myself is that the zooming and panning won't work. 

Alternatively, could I somehow extend the ToolTip model to make them always visible? This could be helpful.