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Annotations on charts


I am evaluating the Infragistics products for new Financial application. I am looking at both "NetAdvantage for WPF line of business" and "NetAdvantage for WPF data visualisation". 

Currently nearly all of my required functionality appears to be present. There is one big feature outstanding: How can you allow users to annotate the charts?

For example, a user may indicate an area of a bar chart that refers to the 1930's. They would be able to indicate this with a shape (circle or square) or line. They would then be able to write a text description that would be shown on the chart. 

Ideally we would be able to create these annotations programmatically too and, optionally, for the user to be able to interact with these programmatically created annotations. 

Is this possible in either  "NetAdvantage for WPF line of business" or "NetAdvantage for WPF data visualisation"? If not, can you suggest an approach to create them outside your model? My concern about creating them myself is that the zooming and panning won't work. 

Alternatively, could I somehow extend the ToolTip model to make them always visible? This could be helpful. 



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    Currently this feature is not implemented as build in functionality, so you can check this forum thread where there are different approaches for adding annotations to the XamDataChart:

    Also you can suggest new product idea for future versions (or vote for existing ones) at

    There are many benefits to submitting an product idea:

    -          Direct communication with our product management team regarding your product idea.

    -          Notifications whenever new information regarding your idea becomes available.

    -          Ability to vote on your favorite product ideas to let us know which ones are the most important to you.  You will have ten votes for this and can change which ideas you are voting for at any time.

    -          Allow you to shape the future of our products by requesting new controls and products altogether.

    -          You and other developers can discuss existing product ideas with members of our Product Management team.

    Steps to create your idea:               

    1. Log into the Infragistics Product Idea site at (creating a new login if needed).
    2. Navigate to the product / platform channel of your choice (e.g. WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, HTML5 / Ignite UI, iOS / NucliOS, etc.)
    3. Add your product idea and be sure to be specific and provide as much detail as possible. Explain the context in which a feature would be used, why it is needed, why it can’t be accomplished today, and who would benefit from it. You can even add screenshots to build a stronger case. Remember that for your suggestion to be successful, you need other members of the community to vote for it. Be convincing!

    The Product Idea site puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to track the progress of your ideas at any time, see how many votes it got, read comments from other developers in the community, and see if someone from the product team has additional questions for you.

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics.

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