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Use Template to show completly different row representation?

I'm new to WPF so bear with me as I am workng my way through "WPF Unleashed" and attempting to use the grid to make some prototypes.

I choose WPF for the flexability and the xamGrid because I need grid and hierarchical capabilities (at the the higher levels)

I would like to customize one of the cells in a child band of the grid to display a series of values arranged using my own custom template.  There may be anywhere from 5 to 20 values represented in a single cell.  The template would be custom based on conditions of the child row. 

What I have accomplished so far is to conditionally change the FieldLayout using the AssigningFieldLayoutToItem event.  I tried to use an Field with a CellValuePresenterStyle but I am unable to access all my bound data to build my representative layout.  I can only access the field itself.

 Any techniques or approaches on how I might accomplish this?

 Btw, I'm databinding to an XmlDataProvider.


 Mark Lindell

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