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Memory leak seen XamRibbon in case ID property is not specified for buttonTool


We are using XamRibbon in our application. We have 4 screens with each screen having different set of buttons in the ribbon.Note that we are not specifying Id Property for the button tool when we add buttons in the ribbon pane.

When we used Redgate Memoy profiler, it is showin that entries in the _idInfos (dictionary of string and ToolInstanceManager) are growing when we switch our screens.'

so  if my screen does not have any buttons, still _idInfos dictionary has entry for each button added.

Ideally those entries should have been removed when we remove the buttons.

Need help on fixing this memory leak issue




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    Hello Vidya,

    What version of NetAdvantage are you using?  I would suggest you to test this issue with the latest service release as some issues has been fixed in the latest service release.


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