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RibbonGroup listbox with a uniform grid


I am trying to create an application with the Ribbon control and am looking to put a listbox with a verticle only scrollbar that will contain two columns of checkboxs using the uniform grid as the ItemsPanel.


It seems though no matter what i do the user control inside of the RibbonGroup wont resize properly, it stays at what looks like 25 pixels in height and trying to make it bigger does not stretch the content. Obviously im missing something stupid or not understand how the RibbonGroup renders the controls hosted within it :(.

So my question: Is there any sample out there that can show me how to properly use custom controls inside of the RibbonGroups?

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    The size of elements within a ribbongroup is based on the attached MinimumSize and MaximumSize properties. If you want the control to occupy the entire vertical space within a ribbon group then you would set its MinimumSize to ImageAndTextLarge. If you want the element to participate in other ribbon tool specific actions (e.g. copying to the qat, etc.) then you would need to implement the IRibbonTool interface on the element and provide your own derived RibbonToolProxy. There is a simple sample in the feature browser.

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