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Filter record not 'editable'


I have two issues when using the XamDataGrid. I am binding the grid to an ObservableCollection(Of T) where T is an AudioFile, which represents an MP3 file and its tags (title, artist, album, etc). The grid basically represents a playlist of songs. I have enabled the filter row in the grid so that the user can filter the songs by whichever field he wants. 

Beside this, I have a button underneath the grid that enables or disables record editing (it simply toggles grid.FieldSettings.AllowEdit). I can then edit the tags of the MP3 files and save them.

Now it seems that the AllowEdit property for some reason also enables/disables 'editing' of the Filter record. When I set AllowEdit to false (by clicking the button), I can no longer use the filter record. I can highlight the dropdown button of the combobox, but that's about it. Nothing happens when I click it, I cannot type anything in the textbox. I can still select the operator though (check for equals, greater than, etc), but that's not much use if I can't type/select anything in the combobox...

As soon as I enable record editing by clicking the button again, the filter record becomes functional again.


How can I keep the filter record functional no matter whether the AllowEdit property is true or false? I don't want my grid always editable (as one would usually not use that unless an mp3 tag is wrong), but I still want the filter row to be functional...



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